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Offering Forensic Statement Analysis and Interviews and Interrogations consultation and training; trained at the Cleve Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego, California, Behavioral Analysis Training Institute in California, Crime Scene and Statement Analysis and many more. Truth Services Kansas LLC has been sought out by agencies all over the United States for expert Consultation on previously recorded statements, verbal and written. If you have a statement or recorded deposition that you would like us to look at go to the contact page and send us your contact information with a short description of your situation. Do not give us facts in the case, or opinions at this time. We will get with you quickly.

We offer expert consultation in the area of Interview and Interrogations, Forensic Statement Analysis verbal, audio and video recorded. In most cases you will have but one opportunity to speak with that individual, don’t let valuable information go undiscovered contact us today.         
Truth Services Kansas LLC is an Indiana approved training provider for Law Enforcement Officers and support personnel. We teach this technique at agencies nation wide, at an affordable rate. Hosting agencies receive discounts thus making the required training for their officers more affordable. If your interested in having Truth Services Kansas come to your agency click the Contact TSK link to the left.
Take some time and read what our customers have said about our services.    We conduct analysis on written and verbal statements. If you have a need for forensic statement analysis, discovering more information in your investigation, or you’re an attorney and you need a statement analyzed, click the “Contact TSK” link to your left.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.