Finding Truth Through Forensic Veracity




     Forensic Psychophysiologist

    Forensic Statement Analyst Instructor

   Cognitive Interviewing Instructor








     James Greer has been in law enforcement since 2003. He is a 2004 graduate of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. During his career, he has been certified as a NHTSA Radar and Laser Instructor.  He is also a certified Traffic Accident Investigator, trained through the Institute of Police Technology and Management in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2007, he received his Advanced Accident Investigations certification through the Kansas Highway Patrol. 2008 Greer began his Criminal Investigations Career as a Detective SGT.

    Greer is certified in Kinesics and Cognitive interviewing and interrogations. He is a certified instructor in Forensic Statement Analysis, and has a Train the Trainer certification in statement analysis and cognitive interviewing.   Greer attended the Polygraph Examiner Course at the Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego California, and has been trained by The Behavior Analysis Training Institute in Santa Rosa, California, just to name a few.  


    Greer was an Instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Certification Program for civilian and military police for over 12 years, and was the Lead Field Training Officer for the Department of the Army Police Detectives for more than 7 years. He has instructed statement analysis and interviews and interrogations for the Mid West Counter Drug Training Center, and has been a guest speaker on statement analysis for the Kansas Intelligence Association. He has assisted in numerous successful Federal, State, and local investigations through the use of statement analysis, and interviews and interrogations consultations.


   In 2009,  Greer was awarded Detective of the Year, and the Army Achievement Medal for civilian service. In 2011, Greer received a Commander’s award for civilian service, and numerous monetary and time off awards for his exemplary service to the US Government and Department of Defense. Using his extensive training in Kinesics and Cognitive interviewing, he has assisted in solving crimes across the United States. The nature of these crimes included murder, theft, burglary, rape, sexual assault, aggravated battery, false reporting, arson, poaching, robbery, embezzlement, cold cases, and one suspected Serial Killer just to name a few. As a result of his endeavors and expertise, more than 3 million dollars in stolen property has been recovered, and over 2 million dollars in arson property damage "SOLVED" . 

   Greer has assisted more than 50 agencies in over 250 crimes to include Cold Case Murder Investigations, Serial Rape Investigations and even Internal Affairs Police Corruption and Law Enforcement officer Assassination.  Greer has assisted some of the largest and smallest agencies in the country. 2015 Greer advanced his career to Special Agent. Greer's 20 plus years in the Federal Government Service has shown his dedication to the relentless pursuit of the truth.