Students of Feb 2016 Saline KS Class

This really opened my eyes

Great Class: I loved it. 
Detective Greer is a Great Instructor:  By far the best class I have attended in 15 years:
Hands down best class in my 10 years of Law Enforcement:
Great class looking forward to advanced:

Portage Police Department

Portage Indiana

Detective Greer, Thanks for taking the time to impart your knowledge concerning forensic statement analysis. In my nine years as an officer that was by far the most enjoyable training I've ever taken part in. I've never left a class wanting to advance my knowledge in a particular area as much as I do with FSA, and I hope to become proficient enough in the use of it to one day teach it to others like yourself. Your personality and time spent with one-on-one instruction made the class a joy as well.

                                                                    Officer Chris Burch

Special Victim Unit

South Bend Indiana

South Bend Police Department

I’ve been a police officer for several years, but I’m relatively new to being a detective and formal interrogations. I have been to several interrogation schools in past training that focused solely on body language or some other aspects during the interrogation process to identify deception by the subjects. I found that these methods were helpful, but I didn’t achieve the success I wanted. I then was able to take Sgt. Greer’s course which I found interesting, but skeptical due to the time that it would take and the fact that we would have the suspects draw pictures during the interviews. However, the first time I used the technique I couldn’t believe that the subject drew himself committing the very same crime that he was alleged to have committed just like in the training. The most valuable aspect of this course for me was that it trained me to start listening to the words that people use during their interviews/interrogations instead of focusing just on their body language or a prearranged set of questions. Detective Greer also provided additional support after the training had concluded which I have never received from any other training I’ve attended. If anyone has an opportunity to take this class, it is well worth it.

                                                                              Det. Haney

Cold Case Investigations

Hobart Indiana.

Hobart Police Department

    On behalf of the Hobart Police Department we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your professional services in the (name removed) cold case homicide Investigation over the last few months. We are truly impressed with your professional excellence and high level of energy. Your statement analysis on (name removed) exposed some aspects of the investigation that have never been considered or explored. Your vast knowledge in the field of statement analysis is apparent by your detailed explanation of particular facts that were over looked. The numerous hours you provided to the investigation on your personal time is an example of how selfless and dedicated you are to find justice for those victims who can’t speak for themselves. Your expertise in the field of Statement Analysis is a source of admiration to the men and women at the Hobart Police Department. We sincerely appreciate your expertise and generosity.

Chief Zormier

Detective Gonzales


Customer Comments


State of New Mexico

Governors Investigative Offices

(Retired Detective)  Dona Ana County Sheriffs Department


            Monday when I came to class I thought it was going to be like all the other classes. After a hour of the class I noticed it was different. In 25 years of Law Enforcement and thousands of cases I just wish I would of known what I was taught in this class. I might have caught (Name Removed). I know I would have been a better Law Enforcement Officer.

            They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You did and I thank you.



United States Border Patrol

State of Texas

            My whole way of thinking has been changed forever, I have seen statement analysis proven and am a believer that it truly works. I thank Udo Undeustch for his research and passing on his knowledge, I also thank James for his generosity in sharing his wealth of knowledge.




Chief of Police

East Chicago Police Department

(Retired) Special Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigations


            I was fascinated to learn how powerful words can be. I don’t think I will ever pick up another statement without looking for a red pen.



LT. Pottawatomie CO.

Sheriff's Department KS

30 Years Law Enforcement



           I was looking over this old Arson you worked on for us. After the Advanced Statement Analysis class it all rings clear to me now. Thanks for all the time you have spent, and your patients. See you were wrong, I am trainable lol.




Master Trooper

Kansas Highway Patrol

Letter to Commander


          Mr. Greer's character and ability to teach are beyond reproach.  He has offered to mentor Master Trooper ......... and myself to continue our education and ensure that the statements analyzed by us are done correctly during this learning process. Mr. Greer’s analysis has already helped me solve an accident in which I would have found the wrong person at fault. I believe this training is extremely valuable to us as law enforcement and should be taught to all Troopers. What a difference this course has made to Master Trooper ........... and I, we will never look at another statement or interview someone the same way again!







Finding Truth Through Forensic Veracity

Randolph County Sheriff's Office
Huntsville, Mo. 65259

The class was great; it is probably one of the best classes I have attended while in law enforcement.  Thank you

Investigator L. Hardt